This Extension for Google Chrome Adds a Dark Theme to the Browser

Every browser comes equipped with an Incognito mode which allows users to browse the web privately without saving the pages they visit. When you open an Incognito Window in Google Chrome, you’ll notice that the browser applies a dark theme to that window.

The dark theme is only available for Incognito mode and distinguishes it from a normal window. However, if you prefer this theme over the default light theme of Google Chrome, you may want to check out a third-party extension for Google Chrome called Material Incognito Dark Theme.

As the name implies, this theme applies a dark color to the entire window of Google Chrome when you’re browsing the web in normal mode (e.g not in Incognito mode). Apart from the URL bar, all the UI elements of Google Chrome have a dark style applied to them.

The only thing that I don’t like about this extension is that there’s no toggle for quickly enabling or disabling the dark theme. The reason may be because this is actually a Google Chrome theme rather than an ‘extension’. If you wish to disable the theme, you’ll have to use the ‘Reset to default theme’ option in the Settings pane of Chrome.

This theme does a good job of bringing the dark style of Incognito mode to the normal Chrome windows. If you prefer this style over the default light theme, you should definitely check out this extension in the Chrome Web Store. To install it, visit this link in Google Chrome.

Let us know what you think about this theme in the comments below.