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The Music app in iOS 10 got a big redesign that tries to solve some of the biggest issues of the iOS 9 redesign. And when it comes to things like clarity, it does succeed. One of the biggest complaints of the Music app was that it was too heavily depended on the Apple Music part, instead of the music that’s on the device. The new update makes it easy to find the music that’s on your iOS device – whether it’s downloaded from Apple Music, or your iTunes library.

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How to Only View Downloaded Music

Open the music app in iOS 10 and tap on the “Library” at if it’s not active already.

Then make sure you’re on the top of the page where you can see a text list.

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At the bottom of this list you’ll find “Downloaded Music” option.

Tap on it. Everything you see here is the music that’s only available on your iPhone. You can further narrow down by tapping “Songs” or “Playlists”.

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The page by itself will show recently downloaded music.

Can’t Find the Downloaded Music Option?

It’s possible that you can’t find the “Downloaded Music” option at the top of the Library page.

If that’s the case, tap the “Edit” button on the top-right and select checkmark next to “Downloaded Music”.

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If you can’t activate it, that means there’s no place for this option to go. You’ll have to deselect another option first.

Your Favorite Part of the Music App?

What’s your favorite thing about the iOS 10 Music app? The redesigned interface does help. But I really like the My Favourites Mix that the Music app creates every week, about the music that I’ve been listening to the most.

Share yours in the comments below.

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