Conflicting Reports Surface Regarding Apple Stores Repairing New MacBook Pros

Apple launched the new MacBook Pro lineup in late-2016, but a report has suggested that Apple retail stores are unable to repair the laptop on site.

According to Macotakara, Apple retail stores apparently do not have the appropriate diagnostics tools in place to start the repair process. The report says that the retail stores, as well as authorized service venues, which use the “Apple Service Toolkit” have not seen the toolkit updated to support the new hardware. It was meant to be upgraded on December 13, 2016, but apparently has not been.

Now, AppleInsider reports that the initial report is not accurate, and added that, following checks with stores, most of the service inquiries for the late-2016 MacBook Pro are either “exchanged on the spot” within 10 days of original purchase, or replaced by the Apple Store at the discretion of Apple corporate. The exchanged units are then sent to Apple engineers to be evaluated.

The new report also adds that, with its checks within Apple corporate, the report is “unequivocally” wrong.

“Apple stores have all of the software and hardware they need to successfully accomplish repairs on the new MacBook Pro,” a source said, elaborating on the denial. “We do, at our discretion, utilize depot-level facilities for repair on both iOS devices and Macs that may be beyond the scope of a local Apple store for any reason, including volume in-store.”

Finally, the report doesn’t indicate which software tools are required for repairs, but says that Apple “confirmed that at least some repairs can be completed in-store, if not all.”

[via AppleInsider; Macotakara]

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