Setapp, The Netflix of Mac Apps, Offers Over 60 Pro Apps for $9.99/Month


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Setapp is a new alternative Mac app store from MacPaw. Setapp wants to be Netflix for Mac apps and that should basically tell you all you need to know. You get access to over 60 pro-Mac apps, with new apps being added periodically and all you pay is $9.99/month. That’s it. Updates are included. Apps don’t require a constant internet connection to work. You get your first month for free, no credit card required.

Setapp offers pro apps like Ulysses, Gemini, ChronoSyncExpress, CleanMyMac, Folx Pro, iStats Menus, iThoughtsX and more (the entire list of apps is available here). If you’re the kind of person who likes to use pro apps, and if you’re interested in more than half a dozen apps that SetApp offers, it makes sense to sign up for the subscription. It ends up being cheaper than buying all the apps outright (and then paying for upgrades).

How Setapp Works

Once you sign up for the service and install Setapp on your machine, you’ll find a Setapp folder in the Dock, an icon in the menu bar, and a shortcut in the sidebar in Finder.

You’ll see all the apps Setapp offers right there. Click on an icon to see the details of the app. Click on Open and the app will start downloading. Once downloaded, it will be installed and will launch. You can then use the app like any other.

Setapp pays out 70% to developers, based on the time spent in an app. It also pays out two-thirds of the remaining 30% to developers as a partner fee for new subscribers brought to the ecosystem.

Setapp Apps Worth Looking Into

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Ulysses: This is my favorite Markdown writing app on Mac and I think it’s the best one on the platform.

CleanMyMac: One of the few cleanup utilities on Mac that aren’t a total rip off.

iStats Menus: A clever menu bar utility for monitoring everything about your Mac, in style.

iThoughtsX: One of the best mind mapping tool around.

Paste: A powerful clipboard manager.

Alternote: An alternative Mac app for Evernote. It’s simple, easy to use, and beautiful. Everything the Evernote app isn’t.

Squash: A simple and elegant utility for compressing images on the fly.

Folx Pro: A feature rich level download manager for Mac.

Gemini: A powerful duplicate photos finder for the Mac.

iMazing: A tool for managing your iOS devices without using iTunes.

Download: Setapp (free for the first month, then $9.99/month)

Does an App Subscription Service Interest You?

It’s happened with Netflix and Spotify already. And for some people, it totally makes sense to get a subscription to Spotify. For some, it doesn’t.

Would you use Setapp? Do you think you’d get enough value out of it? As a fan of polished, pro-level Mac apps, I’m enjoying Setapp. Share your views with us in the comments below.

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