Target Will Launch its Own Smartphone Payment Service in Stores

Apple wasn’t the first, but ever since the arrival of Apple Pay, mobile payment options have multiplied at a noticeable rate.

Paying for things with your smartphone, at least in some regions of the globe, is technically easier than ever before. But some companies aren’t keen on simply letting one or two options be enough for consumers. Instead, they’d like to launch their own in-store payment methods, and it appears that the big box trailer, Target, will be the next on the list to launch its own mobile payment option.

As reported by Recode, the retailer is planning on launching its own “smartphone payment service” inside of its retail stores before the end of 2017. Specifically, the chain will allow its customers to use their REDcard (either debit or credit) to checkout in stores, thanks to a specific app they can launch on their phone.

“Instead, Target plans to introduce mobile payment features to one or more of its own apps, the retailer’s Chief Information and Digital Officer Michael McNamara told Recode last week at a National Retail Federation conference in New York City.”

Anyone that has used a chip-enabled debit or credit card knows that at most terminals it takes much longer to checkout, so mobile payment options are certainly one way to help avoid that unnecessary wait, while still keeping security the main focus. Target’s methodology here is similar to Walmart’s, which officially launched Walmart Pay nationally in July of last year. It’s also not very surprising.

Do you prefer these individual options? Should they call it Target Pay?

[via Recode]