Apple Watch is Getting ‘Theater Mode’ in watchOS 3.2

While it was initially rumored that iOS 10.3 would be getting a new “Theater Mode” feature, it turns out it will be Apple’s wearable outfitted with the new feature.

Apple has yet to officially seed the first developer beta of the upcoming watchOS 3.2, but the company has published the new software’s release notes, outlining the new features that will be available at a later date for Apple Watch owners and developers.

The most noteworthy feature is “Theater Mode,” which will allow users to quickly turn off the “Raise to Wake” feature, as well as turn off the display. It doesn’t turn off all notifications, however, and Apple Watch owners will still get the haptic feedback when something arrives, but the display won’t light up.

If someone does want to see what is blowing up their watch, they can tap on the display, or press the Digital Crown.

“Introduced in watchOS 3.1.3, Theater Mode lets users quickly mute the sound on their Apple Watch and avoid waking the screen on wrist raise. Users still receive notifications (including haptics) while in Theater Mode, which they can view by tapping the screen or pressing the Digital Crown.”

Apple officially released watchOS 3.1.3, and as noted above, it looks like Apple made the Theater Mode feature available in that software, but it doesn’t appear to be publicly available just yet.

Another key addition to the watchOS software is SiriKit support, which will let owners ask Siri to send messages, book a ride, and much more:

    watchOS 3.2 includes SiriKit. Users can ask Siri on their Apple Watch to book a ride, send a message, make a payment, or make other requests that your app can handle.

    Apps that provide services in specific domains can use SiriKit to make those services available through Siri on watchOS. Making your services available requires creating one or more app extensions using the Intents and Intents UI frameworks. SiriKit in watchOS supports services in the following domains:

    Ride booking
    Searching photos
    To learn how to support SiriKit and give users new ways to access your services, read SiriKit Programming Guide.

watchOS 3.2 beta 1 should arrive soon.

[via Apple]

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