Apple Meeting With China Consumer Association Over iPhone 6s Shutdown Issue

As 2016 came to a close, Apple was faced with a battery issue tied to the iPhone 6s, which was causing many devices out in the wild to shut down unexpectedly.

In the weeks after, the situation quickly snowballed into something quite a bit bigger. Apple would eventually comment, saying that a manufacturing issue with the battery caused many units to take on too much air during the manufacturing process, which led to faulty batteries. Apple offers a free battery replacement for iPhone 6s units that suffer the problem, but it quickly revealed itself to be a much bigger issue across the globe.

That led to not only China probing into the issue, but also South Korea regulators considering doing the same. These consumer watchdog entities aimed to figure out what was going on, and whether or not Apple was doing enough for consumers.

Now, according to Quartz, Apple is still working on the situation, as the publication reveals that an Apple representative has met with the China Consumer Association over these same complaints. The representative sat down in a meeting with CCA, and updated the group on what Apple is doing to handle the issue. The affected iPhone 6s units were reportedly manufactured between September 2015 and October 2015, and says that the company does not believe these devices pose any threat to consumers.

Moreover, Apple has promised to offer free battery replacements for units that are affected by the issue.

As it stands, it appears that the CCA is content, for now, with the progress Apple has made identifying the problem, and working out a fix for consumers.

Did your iPhone 6s suffer from these issues?

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