Apple Investigating the Melting iPhone 7 Plus Incident That Was Caught on Video

A video recently surfaced on Twitter showing the Apple iPhone 7 Plus spontaneously catching fire and subsequently melting. A new report now mentions that Apple is currently investigating the issue, which tells us that this could be a serious issue.

However, since we haven’t come across any such instances before, it’s possible that this was an isolated incident. Since we don’t know all the facts of the case, foul play cannot be ruled out at this point.

Just a few days prior to the incident, the user took the phone to the Apple Store after discovering that the device wouldn’t turn on. The device was approved and returned to the user after a couple of tests, which makes this case particularly curious.

This Rose Gold iPhone 7 Plus belonged to Brianna Olivas who claims that she had kept the device on charging overnight. But when her boyfriend discovered some noise coming from the device along with fumes, he decided to throw it to the bathroom where it later exploded, the user claims. The video showing the device partially melted was captured by Ms. Olivas’ boyfriend.

The phone has been sent over to Apple with further word expected over the next 7 days. The company has confirmed this and has mentioned that it’s looking into the matter as we speak.

While the facts of the case could be anything, there’s no doubt that this could serve as bad PR for Apple. As we have seen in several cases before, it is possible that the user was charging the device with an unauthorized third party charger. It’s still too early to tell, so we’re going to keep an open mind about this.

[Via Mashable, MacRumors]

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