Apple’s new iPad Pro Ads Channel Ghosts, LTE, and Tweets


Apple has been putting a focus on Portrait Mode in the iPhone 7 Plus recently, but now the marketing arm is turning to the iPad Pro.

Apple has launched a series of new videos, each measuring in at just 16 seconds, that channel quite a bit to promote the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil, and even the Smart Keyboard. The first ad, “No PC Viruses,” touts the fact the iPad Pro can’t get PC viruses after someone tweets out they are scared of the viruses on their computer. So Apple reassures them there’s nothing to be afraid about — except ghosts:

The second ad, “Don’t Hunt for WiFi,” promotes the fact the iPad Pro has LTE built into it (in some models), and therefore you can do your studying anywhere, not just where there’s a WiFi connection present:

Another ad has Apple saying the iPad Pro is actually better than a computer, in its ad entitled, “Better Than A Computer,” and lists off reasons why the tablet is a better choice than a computer — once again including that LTE option:

And, finally, the fourth ad actually promotes Microsoft Word, too, and the Apple Pencil, as someone tweets out wondering if the Apple iPad supports Microsoft’s app:

There’s at least a little bit of charm in the ads, especially that ghost one, but the question remains: Has an iPad Pro replaced a computer in your house?

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