Apple Joins Consortium Behind Qi Wireless Charging Ahead of iPhone 8 Launch

Ahead of the iPhone 8 launch later this year that will come with wireless charging, Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium that works on the Qi charging standard. Samsung, HTC, LG, Qualcomm, and 200+ other tech companies are already a member of the consortium. Many vehicles now also feature Qi wireless charging built-in that allows them to wirelessly charge compatible devices.

Majority of the consumer devices out there that employ wireless charging use Qi charging standard. Samsung has been using the Qi wireless charging standard on its devices since 2015. Apple is also using a form of Qi wireless charging on its Apple Watch, though the company did not work on making it interoperable with other chargers in the market. This means that despite using Qi wireless charging, the Apple Watch has to be charged using the supplied charger from Apple.

Apple is rumored to include wireless charging on all three variants of the iPhone 8 that it will be launching this year. A previous report claimed that the company will be employing some form of fast charging wireless technology similar to what Samsung employs on its Galaxy S7 handsets. There were rumors about Apple using a long-range wireless charging technology from Energous. However, that technology is still not efficient enough to be used in consumer devices which is why Apple is switching to Qi charging standard for the iPhone 8.