Apple Patents a Fingerprint Scanner That Can Be Placed Beneath the Display

Apple has just been granted a new patent over at the USPTO. Much like the previous patents, this one too is pertaining to the iPhone fingerprint scanner.

As per the filing, Apple wants to devise a way wherein the fingerprint scanner can be placed directly beneath the display panel. This will, in theory, allow fingerprints to be read all throughout the display, basically automating the authentication process. So users will no longer require to manually tap a button to register their fingerprint as the display will have the necessary prints all over it.

So does this mean that Apple will no longer need a dedicated home button? Well, not really. Since the home button is a lot more than just a fingerprint scanner, it’s probably going to stay. But we’ve seen stranger things happening in the tech industry, so we can’t really tell for sure.

This is merely speculative at the moment, and we still don’t know exactly how exactly the technology will be used on upcoming iPhones. We wouldn’t be surprised if Apple is merely testing this out at the moment, which means we probably won’t see this on the iPhone 8 later this year.

Apple had the following to say about this new patent:

Where a fingerprint sensor is integrated into an electronic device or host device, for example, as noted above, it may be desirable to more quickly perform authentication, particularly while performing another task or an application on the electronic device. In other words, in some instances it may be undesirable to have a user perform an authentication in a separate authentication step, for example switching between tasks to perform the authentication.”

[Via USPTO, 9to5Mac]

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