AT&T Revises its Unlimited Plans Again; Offers Unlimited LTE Data for $90/month

Photo: Mike Mozart/Flickr CC

Just a couple of weeks ago, AT&T and other major carriers in the United States revised or launched new unlimited mobile data plans. When compared to offerings from T-Mobile and Verizon though, AT&T’s unlimited plan felt like a rip off.

Today, the carrier is once again revising its unlimited plans to better compete with other carriers in the US. AT&T will be offering two unlimited plans to its subscribers starting from Thursday: Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice.

For $90 per month exclusive of taxes and other charges, AT&T subscribers will be able to enjoy unlimited text, calls, and LTE data. Videos can also be streamed in HD quality, though by default AT&T’s Stream Saver mode is enabled that limits video streaming quality to 480p. The plan also includes 10GB of LTE data for tethering after which speeds will be reduced to 128Kbps. You can add two lines to the plan for $145 per month, with the possibility of adding more devices for $20.

AT&T is also offering $25 bill credit to subscribers who are also using DirecTV or AT&T U-Verse.

The newly launched AT&T Unlimited Choice offers unlimited text, calls and 3Mbps of data speeds at $60 per month. Video streaming quality is also limited to 480p in this plan (or at 1.5Mbps). Two lines will cost you$115, with additional devices coming in at $20 per month.

On both plans speeds will be throttled once a customer crosses the 22GB limit and there is network congestion.