HARMAN Introduces Support for Wireless CarPlay in New Infotainment System


Technically speaking, Apple introduced the ability for in-car systems to support wireless CarPlay with iOS 9, but the adoption has been anything but quick.

Last we heard about it, back in October of last year, the BMW 5 Series was confirmed to support the feature, with it being one of the tentpole features for the infotainment system inside the expensive vehicle. But now it looks like HARMAN has introduced an easier route for adoption.

The company has officially announced a brand new infotainment system that can be supported in a variety of different vehicles, including ones from BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes,Benz, and others. However, in its official announcement, HARMAN only says that its new infotainment system is currently being used in a “luxury German automaker,” without releasing any further details:

“Through HARMAN’s end-to-end infotainment system, a vehicle’s Bluetooth and WiFi will enable the connectivity required to support CarPlay, creating a greatly enhanced wireless experience for the user. The solution is currently being deployed in the market on HARMAN infotainment systems for a luxury German automaker.”

It’s a positive step in the right direction for adopting wireless CarPlay support, so for anyone who has been hoping this would start to take off soon, this might be a sign that it is.

[via HARMAN]

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