Apple’s Latest Video Showcases iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode and Brazil’s Carnival

Apple has made it a focus to start showing off the iPhone 7 Plus‘s Portrait Mode a bit more recently.

In a continuation of its “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign, the Depth Effect found exclusively on the iPhone 7 Plus is getting plenty of attention. Most recently, the company shared a couple of very short videos showcasing how Portrait Mode works, and now the company has uploaded a new video to its Brazilian YouTube channel with plenty more Portrait Mode action.

Blogdoiphone surfaced the video, which not only showcases Portrait Mode, but also the Brazilian Carnival celebration. The celebration typically takes place throughout the month of February, leading into March. Apple’s video is a collection of over 500 photographs, many of which are shot with the Depth Effect enabled.

You can check out the video below.

How often do you use Portrait Mode on your iPhone 7 Plus?

[via blogdoiphone; Apple Brazil]

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