Apple Publishes Two New Ads Promoting Portrait Mode in iPhone 7 Plus


It has been several months since the iPhone 7 Plus launched, and a few months since Portrait Mode was added to the stock camera.

But with 2017 off to a running start, Apple is doubling down on the ads promoting both of those things. In January, Apple published the “Take Mine” ad focusing on the Depth Effect added to the stock camera app. And just this month, Apple has published three very distinct videos promoting Portrait Mode in the Plus iPhone.

Now, Apple’s back at it again with two new ads. The first one is entitled “Boyfriend,” and it outlines how Depth Effect works, and how it can transform a simple photo into something a bit “more.”

The second video is entitled “Profile Picture,” saying how Portrait Mode can transform a “good picture,” into your next profile picture.

Both videos are only 16 seconds long, so quick and to the point. How are you liking Apple’s Portrait Mode ads so far?

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