Possible Apple Watch Band Spring Refresh Incoming as Most Models Are Marked as ‘Sold Out’

If you head over to Apple’s online store, you will notice that many of the Apple Watch Series 2 bundle with different watch band are out of stock and listed as “Sold Out”. The shortage likely hints to an upcoming Spring refresh of the bands from Apple. After all, it has been over five months since Apple last launched new band options for its smartwatch.

As things stand right now, the Woven Nylon bundle of the Apple Watch Series 2 in different colors are all sold out, with some color options of the Modern Buckle and Leather Loop bundle featuring a stainless steel Apple Watch Series 2 case also being listed as sold out. The Sport Band bundle, however, remains in stock. Some available bands do have long shipping estimates of 6-8 weeks, though.

Apple has launched new band options for the Apple Watch at least once in every six months. So we should see the company release new band options likely opposite the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro that is expected to debut next month.

Apple will only be releasing new bands for the Apple Watch, with the smartwatch itself not receiving any kind of hardware refresh. That is slated to occur later this year when Apple will reportedly unveil the next-generation Apple Watch with better battery life and faster performance.

Are you looking forward to Apple launching new watch band options for the Apple Watch?

[Via MacRumors]

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