Tim Cook Calls AirPods a ‘Cultural Phenomenon’ in Shareholders Meeting


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A quick spot check on the availability of Apple’s truly wireless earphones, the AirPods, indicates that stock is still incredibly hard to come across.

So it’s probably not a surprise that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has generally positive things to say about the earphones. Which he has done at the company’s most recent shareholders meeting (via 9to5Mac), where he, and Apple’s head legal presence Bruce Sewell took a series of questions covering a variety of topics.

In regards to AirPods, Cook said that they are putting together the wireless earphones as quickly as they can, trying to match demand. He went on to say that the AirPods are “quite the cultural phenomenon.”

Cook also talked about services, and the impact that they have on Apple’s core business. He reiterated that Apple Music has over 20 million subscribers (a threshold they passed in December of last year), for instance. However, he also added that, in the grand total of services the company includes in their charts, Apple has over 150 subscribers. This includes those who pay for Netflix, and other subscription services, because Apple takes their cut every month.

Most curious, perhaps, is Cook’s comment about the “pro area.” When asked about Apple’s future plans, Cook said that Apple will “do more in the pro area,” at some point in the future, but obviously wouldn’t divulge any details. He did add: “Don’t think that something we’ve done or something we’re doing that isn’t visible yet is a signal that our priorities are elsewhere.”

Are you still trying to buy a pair of AirPods?

[via 9to5Mac]

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