WSJ: iPhone 8 To Ditch Lightning Connector in Favour of USB-C

iPhone 8 Function bar Concept

Apple has been aggressively pushing USB-C ports on its MacBook lineup. So much so, the company did not include one regular sized USB port on its 2016 MacBook Pro lineup. Now, a report from The Wall Street Journal claims that Apple will ditch the Lightning connector in favour of a USB-C port on the iPhone 8 as well.

This is the first time that we are hearing Apple ditching its own Lightning connector in favour of a USB-C port on the iPhone 8. Apple did launch the Lightning connector with the iPhone 5 back in 2012. Back then, one of the key advantages of the connector was that it was reversible in nature.

If Apple does end up switching to the USB-C port with the next iPhone, it would greatly speed up the overall adoption of the standard in the industry. All major flagship Android devices — bring the Galaxy S7 — have already made the switch to USB-C last year. The transition would also mean that existing iPhone accessories that make use of the Lighting connector will no longer be compatible with the new iPhone without using a converter. As things stand right now, it is not possible to connect an iPhone to one of Apple’s latest MacBook without using a converter as well.

Apple ditched the 3.5mm jack with the iPhone 7 last year and instead promoted its own Lightning connector for music output. This led to a bunch of headphones and earphones being released in the market with a Lightning port. Now, if Apple ends up ditching Lightning port in favor of USB-C again, all those Lighting headphones would end up having a fairly small lifecycle.

The WSJ report also reiterates what we have heard about the iPhone 8 in previous reports and rumours: no physical home button, a curved OLED screen, new all-glass design, and more. Since there will be no home button on the next iPhone, the handset will instead feature a “function area” at the bottom. This feature, however, will only be available be limited to the premium OLED iPhone that will reportedly cost upwards of $1,000.

The report reiterates that Apple will be launching at least one variant of the iPhone 8 using a curved OLED screen. The panels will initially be supplied by Samsung, though Apple has asked its other suppliers to look into making OLED displays as well.

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The way things are shaping up right now, the iPhone 8 is going to come with a brand new design and feature set, but some of the functionality will be limited to the new premium OLED model that Apple will be launching this year.

[Via WSJ]

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