Apple Fights ‘Right to Repair’ Bill in Nebraska


In January of this year, it was reported that five different states in the United States had, in some variation, introduced a “Right to Repair” bill, which would boost third-party repair options.

At the time, legislators opined that the right to repair, for device owners and the third-party repair shops/individuals they want to task with the repair, would boost options, lower overall costs, and introduce other positives for consumers. On the other side of the coin, Apple has always maintained that repair services should be handled by authorized shops, so that the experience is consistent.

In Nebraska, where a right to repair bill has had its first hearings moved forward, Apple is fighting the proposition by sending over Steve Kester. Kester met with State Senator Lydia Brasch, saying that if the bill passed, Nebraska could become a “Mecca for bad actors,” by providing hardware-level access to Apple-branded products to hackers and other individuals with nefarious plans.

As it stands right now, with the initial hearing on the subject concluding on Thursday night, the chair of the Judiciary Committee ruled that it is unlikely they will consider the bill this year. The reason being that it’s inherently challenging to pass new legislation at this time. So while Apple’s lobbying against the bill might not have had a direct impact just yet, it would appear that they got a reprieve anyway.

Still, Kansas, Massachusetts, New York, and Minnesota all have similar bills that have already been introduced, so Apple’s fight in this regard is far from over.

[via BuzzFeed News]

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