Apple Rumored to Announce New Products in Mid-March

It’s been expected that Apple would be hosting a Spring event this year, with those expectations also pointing to new iPad Pro units being introduced to the lineup.

Up to this point, however, there hasn’t been any clear indication from Apple, or even the rumor mill, that a Spring event is in the cards this year. Apple, for its part, has hosted an early event four times in the last six years, so it certainly could go either way this year. However, a new report from MacRumors suggests Apple is indeed planning to announce something in early 2017.

And it could happen as early as next week.

The report cites information gathered from unnamed supply sources, who, while confident that Apple is planning to announce something, and soon, would not say which products those would be. Moreover, if Apple is indeed planning on announcing something next week, the invitations to that event would be handled in a much shorter window than in previous years. As noted in the original report, Apple’s event invites typically land 11 to 12 days ahead of the event. If it happens this time, and if Apple sticks to its Tuesday reveal day, the window is now at eight days.

Speculation as to what will happen next week consists of three potential scenarios. The first is that Apple is going to host an event, and that invites will be landing in digital mailboxes very soon. Another scenario is that Apple will host a Spring event, but that it will take place in April — maybe on April 4. And, finally, Apple could announce new products next week simply by releasing a press release, which would confirm pricing and launch dates.

As for what Apple could announce next week, or whenever they decide to announce something new, the main theory is that it will be new iPad Pro models, including a brand new variant that measures in at 10.5 inches. The new iPad Pro units are expected to be moderate upgrades from the first generation models, with no major overhauls in place — other than the new screen size, with minimal bezels.

Some rumors have suggested a 128GB iPhone SE is also in the works, but that rumor has weaker legs at this point.

Whatever Apple is planning, we should know one way or another soon.

[via MacRumors]