Apple’s New ‘Clips’ App Helps Make Shareable Videos For Social Networks


Apple today announced a new app, Clips, that borrows the best bit from Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, Prisma, and other popular video sharing services out there. The app is separate from the stock iOS app and lets iPhone and iPad owners capture photo or videos directly.

It is the functionality that the app offers after that which separates it from other apps present in the App Store. Like other apps, you can add filters, overlays, posters, background music, and titles to your photos and videos. In addition to that and unlike other apps, Clip also allows you a timeline so that you can add stitch together a bunch of photos and videos if you want to.

The app will record videos for up to 30 minutes at a stretch, with the total video length being generated from the app limited to 60 minutes.

A feature unique to Clips is its Live Titles feature which allows one to add titles over their photos and videos but using voice. So, once you have added a photo or video to Clips, simply select the Live Titles option, select your desired style, and proceed to record the title that you want. The app will automatically convert your voice from 36 different languages into the title you want.

The clips that you create in Clips can be shared with any other app or you can save them locally on your device as well. If you want to share a clip on iMessage, the app will make use of a new feature called Smart Suggestions to automatically recommend people to whom you should share the clip. The recommendations are based on the faces of the people that are actually present in the photo/video of the clip.

The new Clips app from Apple will be available on the iOS App Store from April.

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