Apple’s New Patent Reveals a Holster for the Apple Pencil, Hints at Future iPhone Compatibility

The Apple Pencil is a pretty great stylus, meant for its use with the iPad Pro. However, carrying it or storing it once you’re done using it has always been a problem. Apple’s new patent application looks to solve this. Well, to some degree anyway.

The latest patent filed by Apple shows a looped holster attached to the Smart Keyboard. There’s also a design where the Apple Pencil fits into a spring clip like mechanism attached to the Smart Cover. It’s not known if Apple wants to implement both these holsters with upcoming models of the Smart Keyboard and/or Smart Cover.

What’s also interesting is that Apple makes a couple of references to the fact that the Pencil can be used with “a smart phone or a tablet”. Barring an accidental comment by Apple CEO Tim Cook a few months ago, we haven’t really seen any conclusive evidence to support this.

Patent applications usually cover all available devices in order to avoid any confusion in the future. So it seems like Apple is merely trying to include all its devices here.  As it stands, the Apple Pencil remains an iPad Pro exclusive and will probably remain that way for the foreseeable future. There is talk that Apple will introduce the second-gen Pencil later this year. Perhaps this model will finally support other iPad models as well.

[Via Patently Apple, 9to5Mac]