Chrome 57 for iOS Introduces ‘Read Later’ Functionality; Desktop Version Becomes More Power Efficient

Chrome for iOS - logo
Google has rolled out a new update for Chrome for iOS that introduces a ‘Read Later’ functionality to the browser. The feature works similar to Safari’s Reading List and has been available on the Android version of the browser for quite some time now.

You can add articles to Chrome’s Read Later by tapping the Share button and then selecting the ‘Read Later’ option.

All articles in Read Later are stored offline on the device so that they can be read even when you don’t have an active internet connection. You can access the articles stored in Read Later by tapping the 3-dot overflow menu button. Articles are also categorised into “Unread” and “Pages you’ve read section.”

Do remember that Chrome on PC still does not support Read Later functionality so you’ll not be able to access your saved articles from anywhere else except your iOS or Android device.

In addition to releasing Chrome 57 for iOS, Google also released version 57 of the browser for desktop. The latest version of the browser will sip less power than before by throttling power usage of background tabs. Google says that background tabs account for one-third of energy usage on computers so the latest version should help reduce the power consumption by a fair margin.

Download: Chrome for iOS

[Via Chromium blog]