ColorWare Announces ‘iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition’ With Vintage Macintosh Look

ColorWare, which currently has 58 color options for the Apple AirPods, now has a vintage look for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Now, ColorWare is back at it again with a very distinct color option for the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s called the “iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition,” and as the name implies it’ bringing back a very eye-catching, and familiar color scheme to an entirely different device. The Retro Edition adds a 1980’s-era Macintosh color scheme to the large iPhone, and even includes the rainbow Apple logo on the back.

To get it, you’ll have to fork over $1,899. For that cost, you get a 256GB iPhone 7 Plus, which normally retails for $969.

“At ColorWare, the product goes through a labor intensive process of disassembly, cleaning, masking, painting and inspection. Then, the product is buffed and reassembled. The product goes through final inspection and is packaged into the original packaging.”

The retro-looking handset will only be available for a limited time. Shipping is set for two to three weeks for those who order.

[via MacRumors; ColorWare]