Facebook ‘Messenger Day’ Launches Worldwide, Its Snapchat Clone for Messenger

Facebook today launched Messenger Day worldwide for all its users. The company’s Snapchat clone was first announced in October last year and was made available for limited testing in some countries. Messenger Day is similar to Snapchat Stories or WhatsApp Status and allows one to post photos and videos in their ‘day’ that will automatically disappear after 24 hours.

You can share your Messenger Day with all your friends or only your selected friends on Messenger. Like with Snapchat, Messenger Day comes with plenty of filters and tools for you to edit your photos and videos before you share them. In total, Facebook says Messenger Day comes with over 5,000 frames, effects, and stickers.

You can also easily add photos and videos that you receive in chats on Facebook Messenger. When someone sends you a picture or video in a chat, an “add to your day” button will automatically show up under it.

Messenger Day will be available right within Facebook’s Messenger app. Just make sure to update the app to the latest version. Messenger Day shared by your friends will sit at the top of the app in a horizontal row just like Instagram Stories.

Do you think you will use Messenger Day over Snapchat and Instagram Stories? Or you are just going to stick to Snapchat?