High-end iPhone 8 Will Be Possibly Called ‘iPhone Edition’; Will Not Go On Sale Alongside iPhone 7s


iPhone 8 Function bar Concept

A new report from Mac Otakara has provided more details about the new high-end iPhone 8 model that Apple will be releasing this year. Since this will be a premium model, Apple may very well call it the iPhone Edition just like it did with the Apple Watch Edition.

The company is currently testing multiple variants of its flagship iPhone Edition with different configurations and feature set. This includes variants with and without Home button; glass, ceramic, and aluminium chassis; and some prototypes even have LCD displays.

The multiple variants are being tested in conjunction with engineering validation testing. The next step in this process is design validation testing, but that is being delayed since Apple is still in the process of procuring the materials. Due to this, the production of the high-end iPhone may start later than usual when compared to other iPhone models from previous years.

Thus, while Apple may announce this new premium iPhone 8 model besides the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus in September this year, the handset will go on sale later than usual. A previous report had also reported that the premium iPhone 8 model will go on sale later than usual and this report only adds further credence to it.

Mac Otakara also clarifies that the high-end iPhone 8 will indeed have a 5-inch usable screen. While the handset will feature a 5.8-inch OLED panel, the usable area of the display will only be around 5-inches which is what Mac Otakara had previously reported. The remaining area will be used as a function area that will work similar to the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro models. It will also be used by Apple to show virtual buttons as the function area will replace the physical home button on the ‘iPhone Edition.’

The report also shoots down reports of Apple adopting a USB-C connector on the next iPhone or include any kind of dual display functionality like found on the LG V20 and HTC U Ultra.

[Via Mac Otakara]

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