Indonesian Carrier Smartfren Will Host iPhone 7 Pre-Orders Beginning March 24


Apple has been vying to restart sales of its iPhone lineup in Indonesia for quite some time, and now it’s finally getting that chance.

The Indonesian carrier Smartfren has announced that it will start pre-orders for the iPhone 7 on Friday, March 24. In-store sales will begin on Friday, March 31, at select participating retail shops. The carrier has not confirmed the pricing for the iPhone 7 just yet, but it has said that potential owners can sign up via the carrier’s website to be notified of more information as it becomes available.

The Indonesian government recently put in place a rule that any 4G-capable smartphone could only be sold in the region if 30 percent of the device was of “local content.” To make that happen, manufacturers had to lean into hardware, software, or, like Apple did, an investment in the country. For Apple, as announced in December of last year, that meant a $44 million investment in research and development in the country.

Still, for any potential iPhone 7 owner under the Smartfren umbrella, good news with an upcoming launch.

[via MacRumors; Smartfren]

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