iPhone 8 Rumored to Feature ‘Water Drop Design’

While Apple is said to be working on successors of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the main focus of the rumor mill is the iPhone 8.

ET News out of South Korea is reporting that the upcoming flagship iPhone will feature a “water drop design,” which will boast curves that will be reminiscent of the original iPhone’s design 10 years ago. Previous rumors have suggested in the past that the iPhone 8 would feature a flat-backed design, with glass on the front and back. However, the new report suggests there will be curved glass on both sides.

“According to industry sources on Tuesday, Apple adopted a three-dimensional (D) glass material on the back case of the iPhone 8 (tentative name). This 3D glass case makes curves around the top, bottom, left and right edges. The edge curve is said to be more gentle and rounded than the existing metal case edges. The back side design is getting closer to the initial model of the iPhone.

Apple’s next iPhone will have a rear case made of glass,” an industry official said. “This glass case is a curved wall surrounded by four sides.”

The report indicates that while the back of the iPhone 8 may feature a more distinct curve, the front of the phone will be flat. Specifically, as had been previously rumored, the iPhone 8 won’t feature as sharp or distinct of curves as the Galaxy S7 edge, for example.

As it stands right now, the iPhone 8 is expected to be a major change for Apple, and will include a variety of different aspects when compared to the iPhone 7s lineup it is also rumored to launch later this year. Those changes have also led to rumors suggesting the iPhone 8, with its OLED display and Function Area, stainless-steel-and-glass design, wireless charging, and more, could make the handset cost $1,000 or more.

[via ET News]

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