Manage your Clipboard History on iPhone with Pasithea 2 [Jailbreak Tweak]


When you copy a piece of text on your iPhone, it automatically overwrites the previously copied content, which might have been of importance to you. iOS 10 does not keep track of your clipboard history, but with a new jailbreak tweak called Pasithea 2, this is possible.

Pasithea 2 allows you to easily and efficiently manage your clipboard history and access it directly from within the iOS keyboard. It keeps track of all the text that you cut or copy and displays them in a single place.

The best feature of this tweak is that it is built right within the keyboard, thereby eliminating the need to use a separate app or access it from Settings. After installing the tweak, you can switch to the Pasithea keyboard by tapping and holding on the globe or emoji key and choosing Pasithea from the menu, just like how you normally switch to other keyboards.

The Pasithea keyboard is where you’ll find your clipboard history. It displays a list of all the content you’ve cut or copied and allows you to easily manage them. Tapping on a clipboard item will automatically paste it into the active textfield.

Apart from this, you can swipe a clipboard item to either delete it from the list or mark it as favorite. Favoriting an item allows you to quickly access it later without having to scroll through the entire clipboard history to find it.

Pasithea 2 also integrates with Activator and Flipswitch so that you can view it more easily without switching keyboards. Invoking Pasithea via an Activator gesture or Control Center toggle will display a popup containing your clipboard history, which functions the same way as its keyboard counterpart.

Pasithea also comes with a preferences pane in Settings where you’ll find the following configuration options:

  • Enable or disable the tweak
  • Disable the tweak in certain apps
  • Set the maximum number of items to store in the clipboard history
  • Choose the tweak’s keyboard style
  • Skip Pasithea keyboard when switching between keyboards using the globe button
  • Limit the number of characters
  • Swap the delete key
  • Switch between dark or light keyboard theme
  • View your clipboard history
  • Manage your clipboard backups

If you frequently copy and paste items on your iPhone, then you will definitely find Pasithea 2 useful. It provides an efficient way of managing your clipboard history and lets you keep track of all the text you copy.

Pasithea 2 is available for iOS 10 for just $1.99. If you wish to install it on iOS 7 – iOS 9, you can purchase the older version of the tweak labelled Pasithea. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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