Mazda Confirms CarPlay Support is Still Coming

apple carplay

Back in July of 2014, Mazda confirmed that it would be officially supporting Apple CarPlay.

In March of 2017, the car manufacturer is once again pledging its support for the in-car system, saying that it plans on rolling out support for CarPlay (and Google’s Android Auto) at some point in the future. Unfortunately, while the announcement is tied to the launch of the 2017 CX-5, there aren’t any additional details regarding that planned support.

Specifically, while Mazda reiterates its pledge to support the feature, there’s no word on when it will rollout, or, just as importantly, which vehicles will get the support.

However, Mazda spokesperson Jacob Brown did say that older models should be capable of retroactive upgrades, whether that includes a hardware addition to the Mazda Connect platform or not:

“Mazda has been a CarPlay and Android Auto partner since 2014, so it is no secret that we are developing both systems to interface with our Mazda Connect infotainment system. Both software systems should be retroactively upgradable onto all Mazda Connect systems with a potentially minimal hardware addition needed. Mazda does not yet have an official timeline for when these should be available or at what cost, however.”

So, for anyone who might have thought Mazda had given up on CarPlay, that appears to be not the case.