New 3D Touch Module for iPhone 8 Substantially More Expensive To Manufacture

The use of an OLED panel on the iPhone 8 has led Apple to create a new 3D Touch module that will reportedly cost $15 per piece, an increase of over 60 percent over the existing 3D Touch module. Along with the increase in the price of other components used inside the device, this will lead to a sharp increase in the total component cost for the OLED iPhone 8 for Apple.

The new 3D Touch module features a more complicated manufacturing process, and it will feature a thin film that needs to be applied to the OLED display.

As AMOLED panels should be matched with Out-Cell (add-on) touch solution, 3D Touch modules for use in the new iPhone equipped with AMOLED panels involves a more complicated manufacturing process and adoption of thin film-based touch sensors, the sources noted.

The report also states that TPK will only get around to supplying the new 3D Touch sensor to Apple by the last quarter of this year. If true, this further reinforces reports of Apple not launching the premium OLED iPhone 8 in September as many other components used in the device will also not be ready for a September launch.

It is not just the 3D Touch module, but other components that Apple plans on using inside the iPhone 8 that will be more expensive to manufacture. The new OLED display will be substantially more expensive than the LCD panels Apple has used so far on its iPhone lineup. Additionally, the new Touch ID sensor that Apple has specifically developed for the iPhone 8 will also feature a more complicated manufacturing process thereby making it more expensive to manufacture.

This perhaps explains why the premium OLED iPhone 8 is rumored to cost upwards of $1000. But will you be ready to spend so much money on a premium iPhone? Drop a comment and let us know!

[Via DigiTimes]

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