OLED iPhone 8 Panel’s Curvature To Be Smaller Than Galaxy S7 edge

Contradicting recent rumors of the iPhone 8 not featuring a curved OLED panel, the latest report from Asian publication Nikkei citing their sources suggest the handset will indeed come with a curved display. However, the curvature of the display will be smaller than what is found on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Apple is going for a screen with less rounded curvature due to the difficulty in making cover glass with an identical amount of curve. The curved display will have a viewable area of around 5.2-inches and will solely be present for design purposes and not offer any new functionality or feature.

The curve will be gentler than screens in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge handsets. This is partly due to the challenges of making curved glass covers to match screens, according to the source.

Some reports suggest in recent days that Apple will only give the premium handset a flat display, but the source said that would not be using OLED optimally. Nonetheless, the design has not been finalized and could still change.

The report does note that the final design of the iPhone 8 has not been confirmed, so it is possible that Apple might just go with a flat display at the last minute.

Nikkei’s sources also confirmed that the glass backs and front for the iPhone 8 will be supplied by Crystal and Lens Technology and Hon Hai Precision Industry.

Many reputed analysts previously stated that Apple will not be using a curved OLED screen on the iPhone 8 since they offer little in terms of functionality. While today’s report does contradict their note, it does clearly state that Apple will not be making use of the curved display to offer any new functionality. And knowing Apple, it seems unlikely to me that the company will use a curved OLED screen on the iPhone 8 just for the sake of it.

Do you want Apple to use a curved OLED screen on the iPhone 8? If yes, why? Drop a comment below and let us know!

[Via Nikkei]

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