‘Pokémon Yellow’ Arrives on the Apple Watch

Getting some games to run on things they certainly weren’t initially meant to is a pastime of many developers. Doom is usually the go-to option.

And now, thanks to a brand new Game Boy emulator available for the Apple Watch Series 2, fans of catching digital pocket monsters can do just that on their wrist. Today, Gabriel O’Flaherty-Chan, an iOS developer, has released what he calls “Giovanni.” This is a nod to the head of Team Rocket, from the original game. Through the emulator, players can play Pokémon Yellow.

O’Flaherty-Chan has a full write-up of the process, and the issues that he ran into while developing the emulator, and the game itself, which is certainly an interesting read through. One of the issues he ran into was controls, which is obviously a big deal for anyone that wants to play Pokémon Yellow on their Apple Watch.

“By allowing the user to pan on screen for directions, rotate the Digital Crown for up and down, and tap the screen for A, I was able to eliminate buttons until I was left with Select, Start, and B.

Touching the screen for movement isn’t a great interaction, but being able to use the Crown worked out a lot better than originally anticipated. Scrolling through a list of options is basically what the Crown was made for, and if the framerate was even slightly higher, the interaction could almost be better than a hardware D-pad.”

You can find the full write up and even more GIFs in the source link below.

[via Polygon; GabrielOC]

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