Poll: Snapchat vs Instagram Stories vs Messenger Day – Which One Do You Prefer and Why?


After copying Snapchat Story with Instagram Stories and launching WhatsApp Status, Facebook yesterday globally launched Messenger Day — its Snapchat clone for Messenger. With this move, all of the social media giant services now feature a Snapchat clone.

I got on the Snapchat bandwagon pretty late, but even after using the service for months, I have not been able to understand why it is so popular among the millennials. Discoverability is a huge issue in Snapchat which can make things boring pretty quickly. In comparison, Instagram Stories make more sense to me since I already go to Instagram to check the various photos shared by my friends on it. Thus, if I have to share photos and videos that will disappear after 24 hours, Instagram Stories seems like a better place to do it over Snapchat.

I am not really a fan of WhatsApp status and Messenger Day and think they are completely irrelevant to the service.

I think the above title really sums up the current scenario.

What do you think, though? Do you continue to use Snapchat despite Instagram, WhatsAp, and Facebook now offering a similar feature? If yes, what makes you stick to Snapchat over Instagram Stories and Messenger Day?