Instagram Now Lets Users Save Their Live Videos

In December of last year, Instagram officially rolled out its Live Video feature to all users in the United States.

Now, several months later, the social network has announced that the users who use this feature, and who have wanted to save those videos, can now do so. The update to the app rolled out recently, both for iOS and Android users, so there shouldn’t be any waiting involved at this point.

To make it work is easy enough. After the live feed has ended, there is an option to “Save” up at the top-right of the screen. Selecting that will save the video to your phone. The live video will still disappear form the Instagram feed after 24 hours, but if you want to hang onto it, saving it will do just that.

Saving the video will remove any of the comments that the video garnered, as well as likes and other interactions. The file is saved to the camera roll on your phone, making it easy to access.

[via Instagram]

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