Stories Are Now Coming to Facebook with Camera Effects in Tow

Facebook Stories

Not content with copying Snapchat’s Story feature in Instagram and Facebook Messenger, Facebook today announced that it is introducing the Stories feature to its primary social networking site. This means that you will soon see Facebook Stories appear at the top of your News Feed in your mobile app.

The feature works very much like Instagram Stories, with the photos and videos added to Facebook Stories automatically being deleted themselves after 24 hours. You can also share stories directly with your friends and families, instead of adding it to your primary Stories timeline. Once a conversation surrounding a photo/video sent to your friend ends, the content will automatically be removed.

Facebook Camera effects

In addition to Facebook Stories, Facebook also announced that it is rolling out an integrated camera app with effects for its official client on iOS and Android. Tap the new camera icon located on the top left corner of the Facebook app and you will be greeted with hundreds of effects, styles, and features. Facebook says that it is also partnering with brands to create stickers around upcoming movies like lien: Covenant, Despicable Me 3, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Power Rangers, Smurfs: The Lost Village and Wonder Woman.

I did not really like the addition of Stories in Messenger, and it makes little sense to me to see Facebook introduce a similar feature on Facebook as well. Considering that Facebook Stories is directed towards mobile users, it is unlikely to make its debut on desktop.

What do you think about Facebook Stories? Yay or nay?

[Via Facebook]