UK Man Dies After Charging His iPhone in the Bath

Richard Bull, a resident of the UK, was found dead in his bath after charging his iPhone through an extension cord outside the bathroom. It is said that the charging adapter and the cable made contact with water and subsequently led to Mr. Bull’s death.

The coroner has mentioned that the extension cord was found on the floor and that the user probably had the iPhone charger on his chest, leading to contact with water. The coroner has further mentioned that he would write to Apple about this incident, urging them to include disclaimers in their products going forward. While it seems like common sense to not take any electrical appliances close to water, it couldn’t hurt to include a¬†word of caution.

This is a ghastly episode that could have been easily avoided with some common sense. We hope this will educate users about the dangers of taking their chargers to the bath. Since this incident happened mainly due to electricity coming in direct contact with water, something like a power bank is not safe either.

One must remember that while the iPhone is at the center of attention here, this incident would have taken place with practically any device, regardless of its make. We have seen several instances of phones causing bodily harm to the users, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incident still fresh in our minds. There have been isolated incidents of iPhones going through similar issues, although they have been very rare.

[Via Daily Mail, 9to5Mac]

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