Video: (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 Gets Unboxed

Popular YouTuber MKBHD has gone ahead and unboxed the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 three days before its scheduled availability. The unboxing does not spring up any surprises, with the content inside the retail box of the phone remaining the same as the regular iPhone 7. You do get an additional (PRODUCT)RED card that explains the whole campaign of Apple working to fight against HIV and AIDS. 

The box does have red inserts but that’s about it. The Lightning cable, earphones, and the USB charger are all still in white.

It is clear from the reaction of MKBHD and from the video that the new red iPhone 7 looks pretty stunning. In fact, Marquees says that the new color is now his preferred choice even over Jet Black which was in high demand when the iPhone 7 was first launched last year. He does note that Apple could have also made the Touch ID ring in the home button at the front red or black to better match the overall theme of the device.

The red iPhone 7 definitely looks stunning, though I am not particularly fond of the white bezel in the front. In the video, Marquees does provide three different options to get a red iPhone 7 with a black front. The first one is to replace the screen on the front with a black one, while the second one is slapping a black skin on the front of the device. The third option is probably the best for existing iPhone 7 owners: simply slap a red skin on the rear of the device. Dbrand is among the most popular vinyl skin makers out there and offers a red skin for the iPhone 7. You will not get that matte finish with the skin, but it will still be the cheapest and fastest way to convert your existing iPhone to a red iPhone 7.

What do you think about the iPhone 7? Will you be trading your existing iPhone for a red iPhone 7?