Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto Real World Test

apple carplay

Google and Apple offer Android Auto and CarPlay, their own take on how you can easily use your phone while driving through your car’s infotainment system. Just like Android and iOS, the approach taken by both companies are very different from each other here.

Which one is better though? Android Auto or CarPlay? Most cars do support both services, though some companies only support one of the two platforms in their car.

As the video below from TheStraightPipes show, Android Auto is clearly better than CarPlay in terms of functionality. While CarPlay does look more aesthetically pleasing, it’s Android Auto that offers much better functionality thanks to its superior voice recognition system. CarPlay, on the other hand, fails pretty miserably and shows just how far behind Apple is when compared to Google in this department.

With Android Auto and CarPlay becoming a commonplace in newer cars now, its time for Apple to step up its efforts in this department.

What do you think about Android Auto and CarPlay? Which one do you prefer?

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