Apple’s Goals for Original Video Content Appear to be a ‘Moving Target’

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When a company sets forth on a path, whether that’s to launch a streaming music service, or a new phone, there should be a goal that’s meant to be reached — aside from grabbing subscribers and selling units.

It certainly isn’t any different when a company is aiming to propel itself forward in original content. What’s the endgame? What content does the company want to distribute, promote, or work on? How does it want to achieve any of these things? There are plenty of other questions that need to be answered along the way, and, according to Mashable, Apple is still hard at work on nailing any, maybe all, of these questions down.

In a report that outlines Apple’s goals for original video content, there are a few noteworthy details. Specifically, sources speaking to the publication say that Apple has yet to really pick a path when it comes to launching original content. So much so that, while the rest of Hollywood and the technology industry aren’t really sure what Apple’s going after — neither is Apple.

“As of right now, there isn’t a structural approach,” a person in the industry familiar with Apple’s early programming efforts said. “There’s been a little bit of a moving target as to what exactly their plan is.”

It’s been reported more than a few times that some executives at Apple, including Eddy Cue, have met with different executives from a range of production companies, including Sony TV and Paramount, among others. However, nothing has apparently come out of those meetings. Indeed, it appears that Apple’s exploratory conversations didn’t even seem to have a specific goal in place:

“It’s not like they are coming to the table saying ‘We’d like to go buy six shows this year across three arenas,’” one insider said. “It’s much more opportunistic, which makes it hard to sell to them.”

As it stands right now, Apple does have some original content coming down the pipe. The company has its recently-acquired Carpool Karaoke on the way, and the Planet of the Apps is still on the scheduled slate. But many have said, repeatedly in fact, that Apple’s goals need to be much bigger.

Those same suggestions seem to be eyeing a major purchase on Apple’s part. We’ve seen rumors suggesting that Apple was interested in buying Brian Grazer’s and Ron Howard’s Imagination Entertainment production company, for instance. Other analysts have suggested Apple should buy platforms like Netflix, or major production companies like Sony Pictures (which, incidentally, is said to be considering a sale).

Apple’s plans, if this report is true, is apparently just as unknown to us as it is them. Perhaps that means we’ll all be shocked when a major shift happens in the future, or maybe nothing will happen at all.

[via Mashable]

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