Apple Publishes New Videos Starring Execs (and Yaks) to Promote Earth Day 2017


Earth Day 2017 is on Saturday, April 22, and while the company has Apple Watch achievements to hand out, and signage to change at its retail stores, the company has gone a step further this year.

In a series of new videos published to the company’s official YouTube channel, Apple has gone ahead and given a few comments regarding a variety of topics. They range from solar farms and whether or not they can feed yaks, “Why does Apple make its own sweat?,” and “Can a building breathe?”

Two of the videos come in under a minute, while the others track just over. We get to hear Apple executives and HQ employees discuss the topics, narrating animated videos that tackle how solar farms can not only power the company’s buildings, but also not get in the way of yaks feeding on the countryside around them.

So, here are Apple’s new Earth Day videos:

    Lisa Jackson narrates “Do solar farms feed yaks?”

    “Lisa Jackson, Apple’s lead on Environment work, gives a crash course on how our 40-megawatt solar farms in China produce enough electricity for all of Apple’s offices and retail stores in the country—and grass to feed yaks.”

    John Reynolds voices over, “Can we produce zero waste?”

    “None of Apple’s 14 final assembly facilities in China send any waste to landfills. As in zero. And that all started when John Reynolds in iPhone Product Operations visited a factory in Guanlan, China.”

    Art Fong and Rob Guzzo, Apple’s toxicology experts, go over “Why does Apple make its own sweat?”

    “Apple’s toxicology experts Rob Guzzo and Art Fong will grossly tell you how we make about 30 gallons worth of sweat every year, and how it keeps you safe.”

    Dan Whisenhunt, Apple’s VP of Real Estate, narrates “Can a building breathe?”

    “Apple Park uses outside air to cool the building naturally, reducing the campus’ cooling load by 35 percent a year. Apple’s VP of Real Estate, Dan Whisenhunt, breaks down why this is well…cool.

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