Apple Rebrands iTunes Podcasts to ‘Apple Podcasts’

The attention towards podcasts has only intensified over the years, and Apple’s been at least one source for fans to get their fix.

As such, a bit of rebranding was apparently in order. Today, Apple officially rebranded its longstanding iTunes Podcasts simply as “Apple Podcasts.” It’s a pretty straightforward change, and while at surface level it’s just a change of branding, it could also be the first move in many more to come in the podcast department at Apple.

The branding is pretty obvious when it comes to new products from Apple, and it lines right up with Apple Music. Eddy Cue has said in the past that Apple is working on new features with podcasts, but, at the time, didn’t reveal any details. This new change could be an indication that there is more to come in the near future. It’s possible that Apple Podcasts gets some attention at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, for instance.

Of course, what Apple is working on remains a mystery. For fans of podcasts, though, and who want to see some type of innovation on Apple’s side –whatever that might look like– it seems change is on the horizon.

[via @StephenWilson]