Apple is Going to Dismantle the Iconic Glass Cube at 5th Avenue Store


Apple is well known for its eye-catching stores, none of them more so than the glass cube that sits atop the retail store at 5th Avenue in New York City.

It’s newsworthy when Apple sets its sights on that store, and, in this case, decides to start dismantling. Apple will soon take apart the iconic glass cube that serves as the entrance to the longstanding store. The reasoning is an expansion and renovation planned for the store itself, so it looks like the cube has its days numbered.

According to BuildZoom, Apple has filed a permit that plans for the “full removal of the glass cubical structure at the Apple Store entrance.” The permit was granted on April 17, and according to Apple’s estimates it will cost the company $2 million. The renovations, and the removal of the cube, is expected to begin on May 9.

As for the renovations themselves, Apple is planning on growing the store’s square feet to 77,000 — up from the current 32,000 square feet. As for the cube, it’s unknown what will become of it, or what the final results will look like inside the (much) bigger store.

[via MacRumors]

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