Donate to the World Wildlife Fund by Visiting an Apple Retail Store and Using Apple Pay

Last year, Apple used the App Store and a select number of apps to help promote the World Wildlife Fund and Earth Day.

As a result, Apple officially announced that it had raised $8 million towards the WWF and all it aims to conserve. This year, Apple is turning its focus onto its retail locations. Apple has announced that if you visit an Apple retail site beginning today and all the way until April 28, you can donate to the WWF simply by using Apple Pay when you checkout.

Apple says it will donate $1 towards the WWF for every purchase. So if you want to donate, you can simply walk in and buy an adapter or another accessory and get that $1 donation. Or you can simply head to the WWF Donate Once dedicated page, look for the “Donate with Apple Pay” icon, and help out that way.

It will be interesting to see how much Apple earns in donations this year with this method, rather than going through the App Store. Do you think it’ll match, pass, or miss the $8 million mark from last year?


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