Apple Watch Series 3 To Possibly Launch in September

Apple Watch Nylon Band

Latest rumours surrounding the third-generation Apple Watch claim that it will launch later this year in September likely alongside the iPhone 8.

The third generation of the smartwatch will feature longer battery life and offer improved performance thanks to the use of a faster chipset. While unclear as of now, reports also suggest that the Apple Watch Series 3 will feature cellular connectivity thereby reducing its reliance on the iPhone for data purposes.

To ensure that there are no supply issues like it suffered after the launch of the Apple Watch Series 2 last year, Apple will only be tasking its existing supplier Quanta Computer to manufacture the Apple Watch Series 3. As for Apple Watch Series 2, its production will move to another supplier, Compal.

It is unclear if the next generation Apple Watch will continue to have the same design as the current generation of the smartwatch or Apple will redesign it as well.

Apart from cellular connectivity and longer battery life, the only other rumour surrounding the Apple Watch Series 3 point to Apple switching to glass-film touch technology for the display.

[Via DigiTimes]

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