Apple’s Latest Patent Talks About Waterproof AirPods Case That Can Charge an iPhone or Apple Watch


Apple is a company that always innovates in terms of technology, be it for the iPhones or the MacBook lineup. The company has come up with a genius idea to use the AirPods case as a charger for the iPhone or the Apple Watch. In a patent filed with the USPTO last year, the company discusses the technology in some detail.

Although the patent was filed several months ago, it has only been made public now by the USPTO. The patent refers to “wireless power transmitting component” suggesting the use of wireless charging tech for the AirPods case.

With Apple expected to bring wireless charging to the iPhone 8 this year, one can expect the feature to make its way to the other devices and accessories as well. The Apple Watch already uses an inductive charging method, and rumors are speculating that the iPhone 8 could use the same method. Apple recently joined the Wireless Power Consortium, hinting at the use of Qi-based wireless charging solutions as well.

The company also talks about using some kind of waterproofing technology for the AirPods case, which is particularly interesting. Apple is apparently discussing two types of waterproofing, one which uses a simple implementation, and the other which will offer complete resistance against water (up to 100 feet for 30 minutes).

Having wireless charging on the AirPods could be particularly tricky as it would require the device to carry a significant amount of juice to charge up an iPhone or the Apple Watch. It will be interesting to see how Apple will achieve this.

What do you think of this particular idea?

[Via Patently Apple, MacRumors]

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