Apple’s Oft-Rumored AR Glasses Hinted at in Leaked Document

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Between virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), Apple has been outspoken in its support for the latter technology.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has made it clear that he believes AR is the technology that can give us exciting features without inherently drawing us apart. So, when rumors creep up that suggest Apple is hard at work on building AR glasses, it’s one rumor that doesn’t get swept to the side as easily as others might.

Now, based on a report from Gizmodo, those early attempts at building AR glasses may have been detailed, slightly, in a document that was accidentally released to Apple employees. In the document, Apple’s prototype of AR glasses is mentioned.

“An incident report compiled by an Environment Health and Safety contractor working for Apple mistakenly sent to hundreds of Apple employees and leaked to Gizmodo includes tantalizing clues about some of the new products the notoriously secretive tech company may be cooking up. The report includes over 70 different incidents.”

Specifically, the document is a safety incident report (entitled Impact Descriptions Reported in [Santa Clara Valley] from Last Month), and it relates to eye strain from those who were testing the early prototype.

“After BT4 user study, user advised study lead, that she experienced discomfort in her eye and said she was able to see the laser flash at several points during the study. Study lead referred her to optometrist and secured prototype unit for analysis.”

As it stands right now, the rumor mill suggests that Apple’s plans for augmented reality glasses are still a year away from being available to the public in whatever capacity it takes.

The report also offers a few interesting incidents with other Apple products, including the Apple Pencil and Apple Watch, and you can read about them through the source link below.

[via Gizmodo]

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