Apple’s Video Editing and Sharing ‘Clips’ App is Now Available

At the end of March, Apple officially unveiled a brand new app called “Clips.” It’s a new way to make quick edits to videos and then share them to social networks.

At the time, the only launch frame was “sometime in April,” but it looks like the wait is over. Apple has officially launched Clips into the iOS App Store, for free. The app’s features are the same: Edit already recorded videos, or use the app directly to record new video, which will be recorded in a square format for easily shareable content. Those videos can be quickly published to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other networks.

Users can use stylized effects to alter their videos, too. Additionally, a feature unique to Clips is its Live Titles feature which allows one to add titles over their photos and videos but using voice. So, once you have added a photo or video to Clips, simply select the Live Titles option, select your desired style, and proceed to record the title that you want. The app will automatically convert your voice from 36 different languages into the title you want.

You can install the app from the download link below. Think you’ll give it a shot?


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