How to Customize Control Center on iPhone or iPad [Jailbreak Tweaks]

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Control Center is one of the major features of iOS that provides quick access to essential functionality, such as settings toggles, media playback controls, Night Shift, and much more.

While Control Center contains most of the essential features that a normal user would require, there’s still some extra functionality that we wish Apple had added. An example is choosing the toggles to be shown in Control Center.

This is why some users turn towards jailbreak as it provides the freedom to customizing their iOS devices the way they want. With jailbreak, you can even customize the iOS 10 Control Center to bring a new look and feel to it as well as enjoy the features that you’ve always wanted.

Here are the 9 jailbreak tweaks that will help you customize the iOS 10 Control Center on your iPhone or iPad.

App Center

app center tweak

With iOS 10, Spotlight gained the ability to display your recently used apps, but to take things further, App Center is a tweak that allows you to add your favorite apps to Control Center as well as view the recently used ones. It adds a new page to Control Center dedicated to your favorite and recently used apps.

What’s more interesting about this tweak is that it lets you launch an app right within Control Center and interact with it from there.


horseshoe tweak

With iOS 10, Apple split Control Center into two pages, one dedicated to media playback controls and the other for Night Shift, toggles, brightness and volume controls, and more.

Horseshoe is a tweak that combines these two pages into a single page. The result is a redesigned Control Center that looks impressive.


Recording your iPhone’s screen is one of the things that iOS lacks. You can use your Mac to do the recording or depend on third-party apps, but if you’re jailbroken, you can take advantage of CCRecord. This tweak adds a toggle to Control Center for recording your iPhone’s screen and saving it to your Camera Roll.


onizuka tweak

Onizuka is a feature-rich tweak for the iOS 10 that allows you to customize the look of Control Center as well as hide the UI elements that you don’t require. Additionally, it adds a new page to Control Center where you can view your device’s information as well as add your favorite apps.

Cream 2

cream jailbreak tweak

One of the things that I like about Apple Watch is the colorized toggles in Glances. Cream 2 is a jailbreak tweak that brings a similar thing to the iOS 10 Control Center. It colorizes the Control Center toggles when they are enabled and this allows you to easily differentiate the enabled toggles from the disabled ones.


While Control Center provides access to a number of useful settings toggles, the inability of choosing your own toggles is one of the major drawbacks. FlipControlCenter is a popular tweak that allows you to add as many toggles as you wish to Control Center, re-arrange their position, and choose your own toggles.

If there’s one tweak that you should definitely try from this list, then it would be FlipControlCenter.

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  • Read more about FlipControlCenter


If you’ve ever used an Android device, you may know that long pressing on a toggle in the Quick Settings tray opens its settings pane. CCTButtonActions is a jailbreak tweak that brings a similar feature to the iOS 10 Control Center. It allows you to 3D Touch a toggle to view its dedicated preferences pane in Settings.


Do you wish to change the look of Control Center? Check out CCPlus, a jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize the iOS 10 Control Center by changing its background style, adding a custom color tint, hiding useless buttons, and more.


CCWallCustomizer is a tweak that allows you to get rid of the default Control Center background and replace it with a custom image of your choice. It automatically scales the image to fit the Control Center background.

These are the 9 jailbreak tweaks that will allow you to customize the iOS 10 Control Center on iPhone or iPad. What’s your favorite tweak for Control Center? Let us know in the comments below.

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