How to Disable Stories in Facebook for iPhone


Facebook recently rolled out a Snapchat-inspired feature called Stories that allows its users to post photos and videos that are viewable by friends and families for up to 24 hours before disappearing.

Many social networking apps have adopted this feature such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and now Facebook. If you’ve had enough of this and wish to get rid of Stories in Facebook, then it can be easily done if your iPhone is jailbroken.

NoMoreStories is a jailbreak tweak that disables Facebook Stories and removes it completely from the Facebook app. Upon installing it, when you open the Facebook app, you’ll notice that the circular Stories no longer appear at the top of the app.

This is a useful tweak for those who rarely use the Stories feature in Facebook, or simply don’t like it and want to get rid of it.

NoMoreStories has nothing to do with you Facebook account. It simply hooks into the Facebook app to temporarily remove the Stories section from the app. If you log into your account from another device that isn’t jailbroken or doesn’t have the tweak, you’ll start to see Stories again.

The tweak also comes with a dedicated preferences pane in Settings where you can enable or disable it on demand. This is useful because if you wish to bring back Stories to Facebook, then you can toggle off the tweak and Stories will re-appear.

Do you dislike the new Stories feature in Facebook? Have you had enough of this thing? Then this tweak is definitely made for you. It is available as a free package in Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

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